I thought this book was brilliant. I read a great deal, and sometimes even with popular authors I take a few chapters before I trust that I am in good hands, or know I’m in mediocre ones. By the end of the first few pages I realized I was in for a wild ride, but also in very capable writing hands. Author is excellent at world-building and also characterization, without an over-ample description. Dialogue is smart and not overly wordy. Pacing is excellent.


I enjoyed this book a lot and I would absolutely recommend it.  I have read other sci-fi books, though this one
was nothing like any other book I’ve read. I think it was the combination of
genres that made it stand out and feel different. I was hooked right from the
start and despite having 2 other jobs, I read the whole thing in 2 days.


Sci-fi is not my go-to genre,
but I really enjoyed this novel. I truly hope this is a series and there are more books to come!  I would recommend it - because it’s interesting, and
continues to keep you wondering what is happening.