After a hundred years of peace on the remote continent of the Kingdom, evidence of the mysterious beings known as the s’orne has been discovered. Having just completed an eight-month wilderness tour, Bellona Stanick is ignorant of the threat as she arrives at the nation's capital to attend the city's weeklong summer festival.

Along with three other members of her tour group, Bellona hopes to enjoy the week's festivities while exploring her newfound feelings for her guide, Luta, a member of the ancient, enigmatic Zuni tribe. As the festival begins, news of a s'orne incursion and contagion event across the country reaches the capital.

As the Kingdom's defenses mobilize to protect its Citizens, fate brings Bellona to a new realization about the s'orne and their connection to the Zuni lands. Knowing an invasion of the capital is inevitable, she must choose between protecting the city and its Citizens, or Luta and his homeland.

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I thought this book was brilliant. I read a great deal, and sometimes even with popular authors I take a few chapters before I trust that I am in good hands, or know I’m in mediocre ones. By the end of the first few pages I realized I was in for a wild ride, but also in very capable writing hands. The author is excellent at world-building and also characterization, without an over-ample description. Dialogue is smart and not overly wordy. Pacing is excellent.



I enjoyed this book a lot and I would absolutely recommend it.  I have read other sci-fi books, though this one
was nothing like any other book I’ve read. I think it was the combination of
genres that made it stand out and feel different. I was hooked right from the
start and despite having 2 other jobs, I read the whole thing in 2 days.


Sci-fi is not my go-to genre,
but I really enjoyed this novel. I truly hope this is a series and there are more books to come!  I would recommend it - because it’s interesting, and
continues to keep you wondering what is happening.